The Drunken Pressman

Yarn Note Cards

My lovely wife works for a craft publishing company, and one of her magazines is about knitting. For Christmas gifts this year, she thought that doing some note cards with misinterpretations of famous quotes would be fun. I decided to give it a go with two colors, so this is my first big registration challenge. She also picked the music for this little outing and bought a Christmas album for us to listen to while I did a full day of letterpressing. I chose another local distiller and went with 303 Potato Whiskey for some variety. It has a beautiful caramel color.

303 Whiskey

I ran into a little problem with over-inking early on, but solved it with a few quick additions of masking tape. I’ve decided that I either need to invest in a professionally made base instead of my wood block pictured here, or switch plate makers and pay a little extra toward copper, pre-mounted plates.

inking problem

Once I applied the masking tape, the image popped. I’m doing 5 simple designs on this run though, so a lot more printing to go!

print one

I should have adjusted the word spacing around my red print of “yarn” to give me a little more wiggle room for the second color. I did registration by taking the clean red plate, and taping it to the paper i the place I wanted, then pressing it to my wood base and pulling the paper and tape off. Pretty sorry way to register, but I was able to get it close within a few test sheets.

yarn heart

Because I wanted to leave my mark on the project a little more, I decided to do some funny yarn cards as well. (These ones won’t go to my wife’s coworkers however.)

Yarn Balls

Yarn & Nietzsche

In the end, I love the fist holding the yarn. This one’s for all you dissident knitters out there!


I think that besides the “Yarn or Death” card, my favorite is the milkshake guy. I’m old, so I can only really reference almost 10 year old songs.

yarn-balls yarn-funny yarn-quotes yarn-shake