The Drunken Pressman

Have A Drink On Me

My coworker, who builds up energy like a squirrel on caffeine when he doesn’t have a lady in his life, made a comment about how fun it would be to have a coaster to use as a pick up line in a bar. I decided to make his funny fantasy a reality. I was also hoping for a story or two about his failed attempts at being smooth. Since I still have about 800 coasters floating around with nothing to do, it was a fun night’s work. Armed with some High West Whiskey and Interpol on my record player, I zoned out for a quick hour and made these coasters. Doing one color for anything below a 100 prints makes for a quick print run… That, or the whiskey warps my sense of time.

coater letterpress plate

drying coasters

coaster letterpress print


I did a few in silver, just for the hell of it. They have a nice shine and solid coverage, but were a bit too light for them to be effective, so I stuck with red for most of the prints.



quick coasters