The Drunken Pressman

Thank You Cards

The devil is in the details, and when you mess up those small, simple things, you’ll be cursing the fact that you decided to tech plates while finishing the last of the Dancing Pines Bourbon. I wanted to make a nice thank you card to match the coasters I made for my reception. When I was copying over the design, I lost the buttons on little-Allison’s dress. The connection to the coasters is still obvious, but that one little oversite really upsets me. I printed these during the day, so it was another round of root beer for the drink and the soothing sounds of Sam Beam’s voice to make me feel better about my mistake.


I still find that green ink on the plate oddly captivating.


And fun to spread around too.


The Allison figure is still cute without the buttons, but they brought so much character to the project.


I’m getting a hand cramp just thinking about all the thank you notes I have to write.


And there you have it, hopefully this will be the last dry run I do for awhile.