The Drunken Pressman

Coasters, CHEERS!

I decided that I wanted needed to do some coasters for the Hooley reception. I found a few places on Etsy and elsewhere where you could buy a pack of 100 blank coasters for about $25 – $30 (including shipping). After a little more research, I found a wholesaler, who could ship me 1000 blanks for $45 with shipping! Thanks Katz Americas.

I finally bought some pins and organized my workspace.¬†Apparently¬†I’m much more productive when I drink root beer instead of whiskey.


The inspiration for these guys was to do simple figures that resembled Allison and myself. With a fist full of root beer, I set out to make some coasters.


The green looked down right florescent on the ink table.

first prints

These coasters are 100% recycled, and the Katz rep said she didn’t know if they’d get a good impression, but they worked out great.

on plate

I only printed about 220 of these guys, so there will be a lot more coasters to come.


stack of coasters