The Drunken Pressman

True Love Card

Since my press has a limited print size, I decided to experiment with a two-color overlay to create a 5″ x 5″ design. I tried this design a while back by carving it as a woodblock, but abandoned it because I was unable to get a good crisp print. That and the fact that I was wanting to make a card for my wife, and realized that comparing your spouse to either a whale or a submarine is probably a poor way to say “I love you.” Either way, it was perfect to resurrect as a proof of concept.


Armed with some Jameson, this is the first night I realized I love to print and tip back a few nips of whiskey. No matter how many types of whiskey I sample, Jameson is there like a childhood bed that still has your body’s groove worn into the springs.

red plate

The first color went great, but I found registration to be difficult, and the text was always off by a margin of at least an eighth of an inch.

Red Print

Old Irish printing tradition: Always drink at least two-fingers of whiskey between colors…

More Jameson

At this point in the night, I found the blue on the ink table oddly captivating.

blue print

I was really happy with the varied texture the blue made on each print.


And there you have it! True love.

true love