The Drunken Pressman

Email from my mother:

Are you sure you want to call yourself the Drunken one? Remember what you say about putting it out there (on the web). Whenever you are googled will you be labeled a drunk? (Just a mom's point of view.) Is there another word you could use? Consumed Pressman, Whiskey Pressman, All Consumed Pressman (makes you sound dedicated), Well-oiled Pressman, Tipsy Pressman, Pickled Pressman, Buzzed, Blotto Pressman (subtle), Merry Pressman, Three Sheets to the wind Pressman...

Love, Mom

The Pressman:

The Drunken Pressman (formerly Letterpress, Liquor, & LPs) is the off-work, somewhat inebriated ramblings and projects of Drew, a downtrodden college webmaster. Forced to work in a windowless office, comforted only by the glow of his monitors and fluorescent lights, Drew purchased a letterpress in order to escape the rigidity of code and the hum of his hard drive spinning.

While pressing invitations for his wedding, drinking some whiskey, and listening to music, Drew decided he needed an excuse to do this soul scratching (dog like, behind the ephemeral ear) activity on a regular basis.

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3x5 Kelsey

The Little Press:

An original 3x5 Excelsior Press. She's small and underpowered, but like your first car, one can't help love that first nervous cruise.

I bought this gal on ebay with all it's original parts and paper work intact, a lucky find! Her spring broke, platen unleveled, but her inkplate was clean and true, her rollers and trucks perfect.

6x10 Chandler and Price

The Big Press:

I always check the Craigslist of towns I'm traveling through on a trip. While heading through Minnesota over Christmas break I found a posting for a 6x10 Chandler & Price old style press. It was in a bad home. The plate and rollers had crusted ink, it was housed in an unheated garage, and needed some oil. After cleaning and oiling for half a day, I was able to get her back up to working order. The rollers are new(ish), the platen knick free, the action smooth.

The Record Player:

Pro-Ject Debut III USB Turntable Simple, well built, produces a beautiful sound with the Yamaha receiver I liberated from my parents and CB-5 Energy Speakers.

I'm still a Babe in the woods when it comes to record players, but I find myself treating each album as an event and carving out time to listen outside of my time printing.

Pro-Ject Debut III USB Turntable