The Drunken Pressman

Dry Fly Washington Wheat

washington-wheatGrowing up in Washington, I was naturally drawn to a whiskey from my native land. Dry Fly’s small batch Washington Wheat catches the eye with it’s unique packaging. Playfully screen-printed with phrases like “Whiskey is a man’s attempt at heaven,” and a fun gauge down one side to warn you when the whiskey is running low and it’s time to hide the bottle from friends. This gives the whiskey a nice package to measure its contents with: whimsical yet manly, original and proud of it’s heritage. Dry Fly is also proud of locally sourcing its materials from sustainable Washington farms.

Washington Wheat has a soft and light-orange color that can fool you into thinking the nose will be the same. It starts with a smooth spice that masks a subtle fruity flavor underneath. Draw in a few more times and you pick up the oak barrels used for aging.

The first sip brings that promised grain that fills the tongue with its mashed sweetness. At 80 proof, the kick is again soft, but lasts as it spreads across your mouth and brings that familiar tickle in the back of the throat. Don’t add too much ice  or it dulls the nice wheat edge. After the kick and a few drinks in the taste mellows and you get the fruity undertones with the wheat. It doesn’t go deeper than that, but it doesn’t need to.

I’ll give Washington Wheat 4 and a half cheers out of five. Raise that tumbler and enjoy!