The Drunken Pressman

Balloon Postcard

A simple, clean, but colorful postcard design, I left it open so I could add personalized text to the top or bottom along the way. Using three colors, but with little need for exact registration, I let the various colors overlap and shift on the page giving each card a subtle and unique feeling.


I was having a little trouble with part of the green print not making a good impression. That spot in the top right was always light. The roller would ink the plate, but the impression wouldn’t transfer.



When I started the blue plate, I noticed a similar problem in the mid section. After a little inspection, I realized it was caused by the packing paper I’d taped to the platen, which was now worn down in some spots from using type, so the pressure was distributed unevenly.


Despite my problems, I like the scratchy distressed texture these mishaps added to the print.