The Drunken Pressman

Friends Don’t Let Friends

At my full-time job as a webmaster (I hate this title. I firmly believe you shouldn’t have the word “master” in your job title unless it’s preceded by “beast”) I understand that every browser will have its intricacies and issues. Support varies, CSS has to be reset here and there, but there is one browser that hands-down makes me wish ill will on its developers. Much like Harry Potter’s main baddie, I like to call IE “The-browser-that-must-not-be-named.”

So as a gift to all my designer and developer friends, I made this little post card-sized print. Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer.

I was listening to some Matson Jones, a local Fort Collins band, and drinking some great Denver whiskey by Leopold Bros, so I had a good time while laying down my web warnings in the print world.

For the skull, I used a free vector set from  CChopperDesigns on deviantART. I just added a simple IE logo into the eyes. To keep it clean and see some more options, I only did about half the prints with the skull.


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

I originally wanted a light pink skull with a nice gold ink overlay, but I ran into some issues with the gold ink. I’m working in my basement in a Colorado winter, so the gold, while looking great on the rollers and ink plate, didn’t transfer very well to the page. The ink was thick and almost too tacky compared to when I printed gold before.


Internet Explorer

After a few disappointing gold prints, I switched to red, which still has a nice look with the IE skull, but I prefer the cleaner look:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer


New addition to my workshop, my letterpress fund. One penny at a time.