The Drunken Pressman

Business Cards, Fifth Street Creative

After a successful run for the Hooley invitations, I decided to work up some business cards for my freelance business, Fifth Street Creative. I never really hand out cards, but it’s always nice to have some on hand. I didn’t have my record player at the time of this print, so I spent the afternoon watching Star Trek Voyager on Amazon for free and drinking Harp. My frustration with the whole no seat-belts on a spaceship policy, which results in the death of a random crew member every other episode on Voyager, paired with my makeshift printing base led to a frustrating beginning.

At the start, I was having an issue with the rollers inking the edges of my makeshift base, so I sanded them down a bit to avoid a rough edge to catch the ink and damage my rollers.

Fifth Street Creative Letterpress plate

After that, I was able to get a smooth inking with my press with the help of some Irish drink.

letterpress and Harps

I had a bit of a problem with over-inking, but was able to get a nice image nonetheless.

letterpressed cards

I tried some orange on the front, but decided to stick with the black front and light degraded logo in orange on the back. I tried printing these cards later on some Crane’s Letra and realized how much difference a good paper can make.

Letterpress card stack